By Terry Trowbridge

The women of Woodbine Beach
do not make eye contact with
an out-of-shape 37-year-old man with long hair
and a The Cure t-shirt.

But if they did
the Sun would reflect off their eyes
and their voices would
sound of the waves

where seagulls swim past
knowing and not caring
about The Cure.

Terry Trowbridge’s poems have appeared in The New Quarterly, Carousel, subTerrain, paperplates, The Dalhousie Review, untethered, The Nashwaak Review, Orbis, Snakeskin Poetry, M58, CV2, Brittle Star, Lady Lazarus Experimental Poetry, Half A Grapefruit, The American Mathematical Monthly, Canadian Woman Studies, The Canadian Journal of Family and Youth, The Mathematical Intelligencer, The Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, (parenthetical), and many, many more. His lit crit has appeared in Ariel, Hamilton Arts & letters, Episteme, Studies in Social Justice, and The /t3mz/ Review. His Erdos number is 5.

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