By Sheila Henry

Let Go

Let go and
dance to the beat
of your inner rhythm  
move with the flow
where the journey of life
brings you
sometimes a rocky road
when the journey seems
filled with despair
and tears fall like raindrops
sometimes a sweet reprieve
when your path seems straight and clear
and you prosper in all you do
welcome whichever comes
accept as part of the journey—just be
observe the trees as they do
see how they flourish
they sway when the wind blows
and steadies when it’s calm and silent
doesn’t matter what comes
the way to be is to
let go and let God

On early morning walks

On early morning walks
birds sing to greet you
trees wave to wish you well
breathe it all in

Love Is

Love Is
a smile
a look
a touch
a hug
a kiss
a warm embrace
and a feeling for more
it’s giving
it’s receiving
it’s erotic
it’s unconditional
It’s constructive
we don’t fully comprehend it
but we have a longing to fill up on it

Kindness gives us grace

Kindness gives us grace
just the sound of the word
rings a generous connotation
bring fruits bring wine
let us feast together
kindness nestled in our hearts
feeds joy to either give it or receive it


hide covert doings
are filled with all sorts
open any door… see them
there they are
hanging like moth sachets
to conceal the secrets of deeds
we wish no one to know

The lazy bird

The lazy bird
misses the bird songs
and gets no fruits
the early bird gets it all

You don’t really know what joy is

You don’t really know what joy is
until you’ve shed your fair share of tears

Sheila’s writing style can best be categorized as Visual Poetry, blending emotion and vision into a poem or story of color. Her poems and short stories are published at Spillwords Publications where she has been featured as Author of the Month November 2020, Literary Yard, Cafe Lit, Imspired Magazine and Clarendon House Publications Poetica 2 and 3. Her work is featured in several anthologies and in the YouTube series Poetica 2. She is also a featured poet at PoetrySoup. More of her work can be seen on Twitter @sheila_henry17

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