By Ashley Moss

I should probably call you, but I won’t.
We should probably remain friends.
I know you want to, but I don’t.
My broken heart has to mend.
It’s not really my style to be so mean and ignore you.
I’m not myself.
My intention was never to hurt you.
We should just be by ourselves.
It’s true love, I feel it too.
Yet, you’re just one of my soulmates;
There are others waiting for me.
We’ve hurt each other enough.
I want you in my life, 
But for now, I’ll let this separation be.
I’ve had enough.
We should probably talk about it.
I’m tired of talking and trying.
Please don’t have a fit.
I’m tired of your lying.
This is my farewell…
I’ll let the Good Lord decide if we’re meant to be.
The last five months with you have been hell.
We’re better off apart you see.
I decided not to send you a text.
I decided that I don’t want to hang out with you.
I’m moving on to the next.
I really love you too.
I gotta do what’s best for me.
The relationship was doomed from the start.
I have to set myself free.
Go ahead and nurse your broken heart.
I’ve decided to set you free.
Love don’t allow the situation to make you bitter.
It won’t change the way I love.
Honey, I’m not bitter.
With you, I’m still so in love.
Don’t you let the pain and anger make you hate me.
I won’t allow myself to hate you.
Don’t blame yourself for the way things ended, blame me.
It doesn’t matter who did what or who’s right or wrong 
 anymore for us two.
Sometimes in life, things just fall apart.
We either rushed into this thing too fast or grew apart.
Don’t make me cry, and don’t you cry.
Live your life, and I’ll live mine.
I don’t know if we’ll ever cross paths again or if you’ll
ever be mine.
All I know is…
This is my farewell.

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