By Robin L. Harvey

“If I Fall” and “Ari” were originally published in Harvey’s PTSD Poems to Slay Demons

If I Fall

awake, engulfed in sunshine rays of you
life moves like a musical
as you tap-tap-tap dance
through my mind’s eye
the morning air hangs happy and hot
with twinge-tinged embers from the night before

close and warm I hear a sweat-soft echo
whisper my name, a flutter of lemon-yellow covers kicks high
to fall in a soft and easy sigh
bare feet brush the bedroom floor
then dance a show-stopper
it’s a new world that rings and sings and zings 
starstruck over you

swirling and twirling silly-little-girling
toes half curling for more

through the hiss of coffee steam
and morning-muddled imaginings
floats tomorrow’s you, tomorrow’s me

we blow out the candles of kindled desire
draw close wrapped tight in a ring of fire

I’m dancing on the edge of letting go.

Will you catch me if I fall?


I used to watch you, dear heart,
twinkle-eyed, always
your tender laugh rang 
in Clair-de-Lune trickles
across our joyful, hot-tea mornings

as steam rose from the cup to my heart
we sipped the wisdom
of two who had stared down the breach
to stand against all odds and the tick-tock
of borrowed time

your easy silence soothed my endless chatter
on the best days we had one soul
you, a child of virtue, an arc of orchids 
me, a seeker of fame, a skipping stone
two eager for the crunch of leaves
longing to melt in blankets of snow

the day you died the dawn cried
too soon, you’d let go my hand
and walked into the breach where my mortal feet
so clumsy, could not stand or rise to say goodbye

after we buried you in white-dusted earth
alone, I poured a cup of tea
and gathered close in memory
the footfalls of our journey
then came your farewell gift in a breeze
as pink blossoms fell
words of comfort, strong yet meek:

“Spread wisdom like honey on a spoon. Grab life when it greets you, hat in hand. Soar like a hawk with quiet grace, but land lightly like a dove. Face truth as a treasure, not a battlefield. Keep a tempered heart and an open mind.
Each dusk, make a promise to tomorrow’s sun.
And to remember me, dear heart?

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