By Haleema Dalhat

When I die I shall die alone...
As selfish to you all as that may be.
Though I have had my share of troubles.
I would still like to keep some of my dignity.

I shall not want you to see my pain
Nor could I bear to see any of your sorrows.
We are truly only shadows and dust.
Our souls are what each of us borrows i guess

Where I am lying to rest I do not want to be visited .
For even there I would feel all of your loss.
As you may always kneel there down beside me.
Your hand upon the sweet smelling moss.
I am here and I am now .
Please I ask that you at least try to understand.
For I would truly like to be left in peace.
With me and lost loved one’s as is planned.

All I ask is that you try to forgive me .
Life is eternal though sadly I am not .
Love for me shall also probably be eternal .
For I hope that in my absence I shall never be forgotten.

However I am not sure if I want to be remembered.
For who I was , or the person that I became.
Love me or hate it will make no difference to me.
Though I would like to think you would remember my pen.....

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