By Nolo Segundo

Vanity and Dust

Vanity and dust,
Dust and vanity—
Is that all we are?
Clashing egos,
Scheming, soulless,
Taking and getting
Only to lose all to
That cheater Death?

When all you love
Will one day turn 
To dust, and none
Can beat emptiness,
Then you must pick—
That all is but chance,
Or all is planned, and
Luck is the illusion…
Sentience a cruel joke,
Or a divine-like gift…
And you are a fluke,
Or one tugged by God.

The Psalm Of Wonder

As a child
you wondered, 
you wondered all the time--

You wondered how tall 
was the sky, and
how did the clouds
become elephants and
dogs and eagles and 
you wondered how Santa
could move so fast, 
being so fat and old,
yet still he got round
the world in just one
night, a sacred night.

You wondered how 
grown-ups got so big
and why you were so
little… and when sex
swept suddenly over you, 
stealing the last remnants 
of your childhood, you
wondered how you would
ever, could ever approach
the one you desired….

Then you wondered what 
turns your life would take,
what work, what play,
what friends, what family
you might have, and would
you meet the mark….

As decades climbed one
another, you wondered
how lay the land of old age,
and you wondered ever more
about what dying meant, and 
most of all, you wondered 
about God—and realized 
all your wondering was 
really just about Eternity…

The Plaintive Song of a Stone

If I could but feel,
I would feel the warmth of the sun 
upon my cold, featureless face….

If I could but touch, 
I‘d touch the grass I lay on
and revel in its texture like 
a little happy king….

If I could but smell,
all the flowers of the world
would be mine—roses and
daisies and even orchids
would be an endless delight.

If I could but hear,
then all nature would be
my own symphony, the birds
rejoicing, the bees buzzing,
dogs barking, rolling thunder,
a continuous music to my soul….

If I could but see--ah, what would
a stone see? The deep and ever 
breathing beauty of the world? Or
would I see the unraveling of it by
that other sentient being who burns
its forests and dumps what cannot
dissolve in a thousand years into
earth’s proud, awesome oceans…?

But I would treasure my newfound
mind, and seek to thank the Being
that could make even a stone see
and feel and hear and think and
even, in time, perhaps love….

Oh how then I would pity those 
born with eyes and ears yet 
unable or perhaps unwilling to SEE, 
living their lives scurrying about
like blind, deaf and dumb rats
while the Eternal Light bathes all.

Sometime Before I Die

Sometime before I die,
I’d like to know …
why birds get to fly,
why people lie,
why I love the sky,
why dogs must die,
why cherries make the best pie
and most of all,
I’d like to know 
why God likes to hide? 

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