By Solahudeen Ridwanullah O.

Spiders are here again tangling webs
One entangles into the other like inter-net 
May our spirits connect
Like the twin arms of a walking clock
One ticks as the other tacks.

Mother said honey is good for kids, 
I threw cakes away and shuddered towards her breast.

To see is eyes; to love is heart
Do you see what you love 
Or you love what you see? 
To tango is a game of the two willing birds
Wrestling to know who best can care
For both our eyes and the hearts
Friendship is a water for two souls, 
And if you offer me a cup from your heart
I swear, I'll take you down to drain my father's pond.

Writing evolves from thought, and so, a thinker was born in that land of virtue, Osun state, Nigeria. Solahudeen Ridwanullah O. is a lover of God and His creatures, including nature. Thusly, this preoccupated most, if not all of his works.  He is a level1 Law student of Bayero University, Kano, Kano state. He was the winner of MSSN 2019 Best Essayist Award. He won Barr Mahmud Kola Adesina SAN AMIS Osun state Best Essayist Award in 2020. His works—Tornado years and Without Despair earned him first place in the Stars prize, 2020. He was 2nd Essayist of the Year 2019 at Brain builders International. His works are up, and coming on Spillwordsmag, Almirath Magazine, the shallowtales review, Feeds lit, inter alia. 

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