By Ron Roman

Late Summer Sunday Afternoon Hike

Hiking late summer Sunday afternoon, 
Sun yet strong still. 
What does it matter, 

Where do we go? 

Venule-shaped verdant leaves, 
Now surround me everywhere. 

Colorless sky staring back overhead, 
Giving off a soulless glow. 

Waters churning in nearby brook, 

Giving birth to memories that echo. 

Distant bird tweeting, 

Now flying o’er the hill. 

bus stop saturday night

a young woman, twentysomethingish, stands by a bus departure sign carrying her knapsack on her back.  where is she going?  a little birdie watches from a distance, 
an equally young couple, maybe college kids off for the weekend fleeing for big city lights, turn away and head back into the station.  where are they going?   
an older woman with two bundled infants on either side frowns angrily. 
the tots, doe-eyed and oblivious of her discontent, where are all they going? 
a young man, dressed more woman than man, with hands dangling from jacket pockets, 
looks straight ahead, eyes staring outward, empty.  where is he going? 
saturday night.  time to leave the small city for the big.  where are they going? 
to a place unknown but to God, not even known by him? 
God beyond God? 
and what about You?       

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