By Marc Carver


I drove to the top of the hill 
the one with the school at the top
parked the car and watched the sun go down
put the radio on and listened to the classical music 
window down waving my arms 
I had never even heard it before later found out it was Ludwig van.
I never wanted that sun to go down but knew it would
like it always does, it goes down and then it comes up.

A Broken Heart

A couple with two young children come close to me as I sit in the sun. 
The girl looks at me I smile then Dad plays that game that all parents play, the one where they grab their hands and spin them around until their feet come off the ground, it makes me think of my son. 
The smaller boy gets jealous.
MY TURN MY TURN, he shouts so he gives him a go. I want to run over with my arms out my turn my turn. 
I look over at the young girl with a young boy. She has been crying since she came and not even this fun can stop that crying her whole body filled with a pain that she thinks will never end 
but it will. 
I cry too but no one sees my tears

The Power of the Dog

I watched the dog for about forty minutes
 he would bark at everyone 
  women, men, other dogs, babies, runners 
   and the man would pull him back firmly. 
    He was one of those small dogs with the funny faces but eventually he started to let some people go by, saying nothing as if he could tell the good people from the bad. 
     I had to go and see so I walked over to him,  
      just before I came up to him he started going berserk at a woman. 
       Am I good or bad, we may never know.

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