By Wayne Russell

Please never doubt that my love for you
is unwavering, and as long as you want
me, I give myself to you, only you, until
my departure from this world; even after.

For all eternity, when the selfish hands of
time, have claimed our souls and the stars
and clouds have become our new home.

The joy that you have brought into my life
is undeniable, the light in my eyes, the
laughter in my heart, and the peace in my
soul, it's all because of your love.

Thank you for showing me, that life can
be once again, enjoyed and blessed.

Wayne Russell is or has been many things during his lifetime, he has been a creative writer, world traveler, graphic designer, former soldier, and former sailor. Wayne has been widely published in both online and hard copy creative writing magazines. From 2016-17 he also founded and edited Degenerate Literature. In late 2018, the editors at Ariel Chart nominated Wayne for his first Pushcart Prize for the poem Stranger in a Strange Town. In addition; he was nominated for Best of the Net via the editor at The Abyss. “Where Angels Fear” is his debut poetry book published by Guerrilla Genesis Press.

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