By David Alan Owens

I wish it were that we were friends
Sharing those things we found common

I wish we strolled along the Seine one day
And talked with the others who were there

I wish tomorrow might never stroll into our lives
And chase away forever that seldom felt mood

I wish I knew who would wish to become my friend
Rather than cloistering in their private shells

I wish I saw things the same as others see
And learn from their hopes and dreams

I wish others knew the depth of my sorrow
For what the world has become today

I wish humanity’s agony would lie still for a moment
But one cannot change the course of time

I wish time would stand silent for a while
And allow us to grasp it’s beautiful mysteries

I wish I could live life as a single moment
Not to become lost in eternity’s vast emptiness

I wish Spring’s flowers might blossom always
I wish I knew the great question’s answer

David Allan Owens is an internationally published writer and poet.

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