By Andrew Scott


The night has fallen again.

I have made it through another day.
Today was not as rough

as other days have been.

For that I am thankful.

The morning started off rough.

Woken by drug induced screaming.

Sadly, it was not the first time

The people involved have become

users that are getting worse.

I try to stay away from it

but their smoke does cloud over.

I snuck out, down the road,

so the merried men would not see me.

Was lucky enough to have change
for a morning sandwich and coffee.
A piece of normalcy.
Did get some stares due to
tangled, unkempt hair,
stained jacket, ripped jeans.
I believe people think I work construction.
Unfortunately I am not working at all.

Keeping the paper cup,
I walk to our busy downtown.
The clock on one of the buildings
said it was a little after ten.
I sat in a doorway of a closed business
to rest my feet and close my eyes
only to open them to change
ringing into my little coffee cup
from many generous people.

Unlike most days, my last meal
tonight will be filling due to this change.
By the time I get back to my tent
I am tired from walking the city.
Someday I will find better, cheap shoes.
Mine are so worn now.
Cannot even think of my clothes.

It is cold here at night
however it is not
where my mind goes.
The ruckus outside
is what scares me
and keeps me awake.
You can hear the bottles
and increased yelling.

Hope every night
I do not get robbed.
Would not be able to stop it
for fear of what would happen
to me on that night
or anytime for that matter.

It is the unknown
that keeps me awake.

March 30, 2020

@ Andrew Scott – Just A Maritime Boy 2020

For Certain

We have been here before.
The scars from, bloody skin,
aches from the broken bones
show that we have survived.
Another battle is nothing
when fought with determination.
This is for certain.

Forces outside of our control
have crept in vying
for everything we think is important.
The evil does not know
how misguided it truly is.

It is seeing cracks
in our human foundation.
Basic challenge is being challenged
due to unexpected panic
amongst the confused few.

We have conquered in the past.
History is littered with these battles
with what has been considered
larger, more brutal foes.

The beatings are real
and the pain will last
with us after the fight.
Sacrifices are to be expected.
This is war.

It has been proven
when we battle together
as one unified unit
that evil clouds disappear
as long as our arms are connected.
Victory, over the long haul, will happen.
That, when combatted with the human spirit,
is for certain.

March 24, 2020

@Andrew Scott – Just A Maritime Boy 2020

Dear Stranger XIII

Dear Stranger, how have you been?
Your actions as of late
are a huge cause of concern.

We have all learned
of a fast-moving illness
that is causing sickness
and, in some cases, taking lives.
Making the time now
to be a tender moment
for most of us.

In reaction to this, you have pillaged.
You came out of your home,
screaming with greed.

You took away from people in need.
Folks that are older than you and I
who need the food so much more.
All you did was stow it away
for a future date that may not arrive.

We have been asked to stay inside
for an extended period of time
but for some reason
you are unable to do that
and the virus is spreading
due to this.

People are scared
and instead of being
met with concerned kindness,
they are shown the worst
in each human.

Until it stops
and comfort to others is given,
your actions and selfishness
makes you a stranger to us all.

March 26, 2020

@ Andrew Scott – Just A Maritime Boy 2020

Whispers Of The Calm

Boxed in anxiety of the unknown
is taking over this confused body.
Starting to ignore time
and its existence.
Just wish to breakout
of the mad ness of this mind.

Breathing is even,
chest could stop
or explode at anytime.

Attempting to clear it all
from the racing mind
to center my soul’s universe.

Sitting, bringing in the light,
centering on the positive
holding onto and appreciating.
The valleys can be worse.

Spirits have spoken
to stop the shaking.
The body being opened
to the whispers of the calm.

April 2, 2020

@Andrew Scott – Just A Maritime Boy 2020

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