By Aubrey Daly

If you knew about me,
What I know about me,
You would think very little of me.
If we knew of the people we adore,
What they know of them self,
We would not adore.
Do not adore.
Do not worship.
Do not hold one man nor woman above your self.
I am no ounce better than you in anything in anyway,
The same you no more me,
The same the people you hold in high esteem us.
For us there are alot of factors,
There are alot of barriers,
There is alot of luck good and bad,
But what there should not be is the beating of a will,
As that is all we have.
Believe in only your self,
For greatness is a mirage of trickery and illusion.

Aubrey Daly is a poet from Ireland.

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