By Anjali Paruvu

If I Had a Time Machine

Every now and then
The day will break
And you open your eyes
Thinking, not again
And you push yourself 
out thinking, this is how it must be 

You're young and sweet and all of fourteen, 
but you look like you've been at it since sixteen
Oh darling! When did you get so old?

Remember the time without a care in the world
When you awoke, 
just to see the clouds swirl
Oh dear! Where did those days go away?

Why don't you let yourself go have fun?
Play around , goof around, life has just begun
Are you scared people won't like you then?

Oh darling! They don't like you anyway

Did you think there was a purpose to life?
That we wake up for a reason that God has spoke
But sweetheart, no one cares you exist

This life, it's only for us
You can find what you want, or just grow old
If today was the end
Would you be proud of yourself?

You can get what you want
Or what everyone else would want
There is no way to sit on the fence, 
So , tell me, Who do you choose?

Will you just let yourself sing and dance?
Does it not get easier to shoo blues away
when you are whatever you are
The people, they will be swayed

And I know it's hard to listen to me
Since, I sit so deep, 
But it sure is easier than listening to everyone?

So listen, what do you choose?

The Fur of Golden Wheat

Young and fierce, the mother lay
Looking amongst the bushes
Each rustle sending a chill in her spine
Of something wild and vicious

With fur of golden wheat
And eyes that captured the world
She had a growl of rumbling thunder
When a threat bound onward

Four little balls of flesh
Suckled unto her
Starving herself,
She had no respite

A human arrived one day
Stood far and stood
For hours until she got close to her
and finally her puppies had love

Now they had a home
With humans for lord's sake
They were one of the lucky ones
For they had friends after all
Her puppies grew big and playful
And jumped around the pots
And stole their way into the hearts
Of every human on the block

Yet there was always a fear
A Fear of something unknown
Until one day it came true
And into the dark went one young 'un

Another was injured
And the girl could not take it anymore
The pup stayed inside, 
And all her dreams were realised

But she had to part too, with her other little sister
For the human family had to be preserved

Heart ache like never before
As she had never had to lose
Something so full of life and love
And she had never had to choose

Akela – Subject of the Poem

Anjali Paruvu is an aspiring poet/writer/blogger from Hyderabad, India

One thought on “If I Had a Time Machine and The Fur of Golden Wheat

  1. That was a pleasure to read. “If I had a time machine” was especially moving because of how insightful and introspective it was.
    Thank you for sharing these poems Anjali. I look forward to more of your works.


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