By Cole Adeyosola

Memory’s Quill

The heavens picked this day,
In this cosy month of may,
It's a pleasure to know you this day,
You'll be mine and I'll be yours all the way,
My mind never cease to picture us at a bay,
My words a trick you say,
In your touch my heart skips miles away,
Yet you took my smile away,
The evergreen tree by the riverside is staunted!
Our love is prohibited!
In so many languages it was exhibited
Until the river became envious of this flourishing fibrous root
This was blooming into a beautiful shoot
It was murdered Ruth!
 our love was murdered!
It never happened you whispered
Our fibrous root remains haggard !
My memory ceaselessly replays this shattered !

A Party With Solitude

Here's to long life
Here's to prosperity
Here's to unending happiness
Unending beams of smiles surrounds this toast;
So many lines of pretty ugly biography 

It's sunset!
The thin air has become my companion;
In split of seconds these moments remain my records of joy;
Leaving me to wander in this path of loneliness
As deep as the color black;
So noiseless like the dainty glow of the moon 

 You may attribute it to
If this was a battle , a forearmed soldier will I be;
Yes !
Your good wishes are acknowledged by my maker;
Who then will relish the bowl of prosperity with me?
Will I have this long life on a noiseless train?
Will this unending happiness rely on a storm of silence?

Yet my smile manages to remain
If not the beauty of the elegantly dressed moon;
The ever cheerful air 
Who then will be my comforter?

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