By Alex Andy Phuong

Sincerely Natural

Natural Wonder
Wondrous indeed
Encompassing the sublime
Sometimes fading with time
Preserve such beauty
Through environmental advocacy
And take a stand
To defend the land
Through lending a hand


Founding Fathers
Helped establish America
Finding oneself
Is part of the dream
No matter how rough
Life might seem,
Time keeps going
When the going gets rough,
And when diamonds in the rough
Shine brightly,
The notion of being found
Does become reality


Happening simultaneously
Despite the confines of reality
Occurred a while back
Not exactly white nor black
Getting back into the act
While others take action
Without losing traction
Being oneself is never old-fashioned
For individuality
Could make life more interesting
If people would give others permission
To let freedom ring
While others do more
Than just their own thing

Fame nor Fortune

Fame might appear nice,
But it does have a price,
So think twice,
And seek fortune carefully,
For true wealth
Comes from what money
Cannot buy,
And why not try
To work to make a living
Because dedication
And determination
Actually do make
Life worth living


A place to reside
Rather than hide
Live unapologetically
Without worrying about reality
For real life is the way
That it is,
And always will be,
So enjoy that special gift,
And feel finally free


Might sound exciting,
But leaving behind
Does not sound inviting.
Express thankfulness
For all that had been won
Because honoring what had passed
Can pave the way
To a better day
Without ever worrying about
What others say
As a new day
Comes about,
So never live with doubt,
And the best thing to do
Is simply
Keep traveling through

By the Bay

Some live life
By the deep blue sea,
And let reality
Simply be,
For the past is history,
And the future is unknown.
Witness how much
Alters perspective
Because everything ages.
Accepting change
Alongside the real world
Can let performers
Play new parts,
And that only starts
By refusing to stay
And decide to
And choose
To Live!


Assuaging oneself
Not necessarily being
what one would seem
Dreaming the dream
For the mighty
Shoot for the sky
As enigmatic time
Ticks by
Until the ultimate end
And even after the finale
Legacies left behind
Can endure
While the release of tension
Results in purification

Stop Procrastinating

People cannot succumb to reality.
Indeed, life is tough
Because it is.
hope shall light the way,
and no matter what people say,
actions really do
speak louder than words.
Do something beneficial
To benefit humanity,
For the sake of life,
and justice for all!

Fine Finally

Even through challenging times,
Do try to appreciate the sublime
Because there is beauty
Within reality,
And after troubles fade away,
Peace returns,
And hopefully stays,
For there is relief
That comes with being fine,
And finally have time
To enjoy the only day

Please Continue

Even when the past is gone,
Life, in fact, does go on.
Time itself never stops,
And avoiding stagnation
Helps people stay on top
So move, but do so cautiously,
For each new day
Is a new reality,
And when the day is done,
The next day truly is
Another one.
Thank you, Dr. Seuss!

Alex Andy Phuong earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from California State University-Los Angeles in 2015.  He was a former Statement Magazine editor who currently writes about literature, film, and culture.  He has written film reviews for more than one hundred motion pictures for MovieBoozer, and his writing has appeared both online and in print.  Alex is a writer who dares to support the ones who pursue their dreams.

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