By Andrew Scott

Just One Spark

For change, sometimes all it takes
is just one spark to see the light
of what is right and what is wrong
and the right path for change.

The fires start out of frustration
in the chaos of the land
from watching flames of anger
burn from broken ditches.

Winds can change the direction
of the assaulting, slow embers
to a calming heat with purpose.

Just one will placed spark
can change our world
from a place unexpected
however true  to the change.

Nephew Pete

I was there when the officials arrived
to tell my sister and her husband
about finding Nephew Pete dead
at the hands of his own.

It happened on a Sunday.
One day we were expecting him.
Nephew Pete had just gotten
paroled the Wednesday before.

Nephew Pete had been in
the cement walls of a cell
for a little over nine years.

I was his third offence
at being caught stealing
and the first time with a brutal assault.  

Nephew Pete had habits to feed
that got worse over time.
Stolen money was the only way.

He got cleaned up while inside.
Not like there was a choice
but over time Nephew Pete
became treated as important.
He knew how to get things
so others left him alone
and did not abuse him.

The story was he got lost
as soon as he got out.
Neighbors heard the nightmare
from the small room
he was set up in.

As he walked the streets for work,
Nephew Pete found out
he was not important in the city.

It only took a few days
of a new life to show
Nephew Pete that he did not
like the outside
and needed it to end
from the inside.

Survived Another Day

Seems the day is crumbling
before the sunrise even starts
and the motivational coffee is brewed.
Smiling perseverance to hold the glow
of believing in the kind goodness.

Walking to a destination
not sure now of arrival
due to unexpected barricades
that may end it all.
Chipper steps need to be taken
to sit comfortably
and breath in the air of delight.

Being led down a road
by other's greedy agendas
just to make a living
where family exists
not knowing when it may
seize to being.

The worries of the home
collapsing from the hidden
lives of the unpredictable young.
Still there is love
in the hugs and kisses good night.

As we lay in bed after
and go to sleep at the
end of each peaceful night
we dream in celebration
as another day was survived.

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