By Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

Bountiful Life

There is happiness and sorrow in life,                                        
but life takes both rain and sunshine,
and it creates a rainbow throughout.

The people today lead a very hectic life,
and work long hours and there is hardly 
any time left to spend with their family.
Life is not just party or pleasure, it is also 
pain and pleasure, so we must maintain 
the boundary between work and home. 

I took the challenge to fulfil my dream, 
but I needed source of information and
valuable guidance in my career.

As God has given certain gifts to each and 
everyone of us, so we should use the gifts 
to create a better world in our life.

Bountiful life can be improved as God has 
given various talents to improve our life,
so, we are not to bury them in the ground.

Love has to grow in order to live plentiful 
life, which can only grow by circulation 
and not by showing little activity.

An Exciting Environment 

There was not much rain at night 
but only a few areas saw some rain 
before dawn.

No showers, not even a drizzle, no 
thunder, so no water logging 
in the area.

Blaring thunderstorm and blinding 
lightning frightened me.

As the rain was likely to hit the area, 
people carried umbrellas and 

The frightening silence created an 
unpleasantness in the atmosphere.

The sound of fluttering leaves filled 
the air making the mind lively.

In the autumn season, I felt an 
exciting environment to walk in the park.

People were doing exercises and I was
enjoying the beautiful climate.

My mind started wandering and I was 
feeling serene environment.

I saw some restless birds moving hither
and thither in search of food.

Beautiful Mountain

Fernando’s family who wanted to visit a 
high mountain by bus, was in trouble.
Because the bus was chugged slowly 
up the mountain road with family.
The sky was streaked with pink and
gold on that beautiful day.
Soon the bus arrived and everyone 
got off at the mountain entrance.
A little later they went to see the beautiful 
peaks of mountain on sunrise.
While watching, they could see the glow 
of the fire lit on the mountain top.
While returning, they enjoyed the melodious 
song of birds in the valley.
On that beautiful environment, Fernando  
took pictures with his sister Lucy.
The twins looked from left to right and 
enjoyed the scenery of the mountain.
The cool wind was creating a beautiful 
environment on that beautiful valley.
The fragrance of evening engulfed 
the valley and it was smiling in the moonlight. 
Fernando and his sister Lucy started to sing 
their favourite song gleefully while travelling.
At night, the family went to a hotel for 
accommodation and dinner.
Next day the family woke up before dawn 
to see the morning sun rays.
This beautiful journey was a great experience 
for Fernando’s family.

Love and Affection

Your initiation to become my life
partner was lost in life’s wave,
your affection was an essence
of my mind.

You are not conscious about it but
all the sweet words of yours,
I still hold closely in my mind.

Your essence of affection,
I always try to remember
prior to going to my bed.

You fled bodily to a destination,
but mentally remained rooted 
to your native place.

You might have forgotten me
but being an adopted girl, I
always sought my liberty.

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