By Madhu Gangopadhyay

The Forgotten Parcel

He left with all things packed
The last of his handkerchief
His lighter and the half  
Full cigarette pack!
She'd rummaged through the wardrobe
Ensured nothing was left!
Her nutty heart thought
Nothing that belonged to him she'd kept!
 It was all over and done
She could happily move on
Now when she sits beside
The fireplace with her book
Or at  dawn when on the
Tree top  perches the rook
Echoes of the past
Emit mournful squall
They appear before her
Crumble and fall!
Was something left behind
Something she didn't pack
Slipped out of her mind!
She couldn't remember however
Her silly brain she racked!
Oh only the kisses and that touch!
The lost love the heart tries to clutch!
If she could warp neatly and send;
Would  all her miseries finally end?

Ephemeral Euphoria!

The forest their sky
They glow and fly
Like stars on Earth
They waltz in mirth

In the darkness deep
An undying hope they keep
A traveller's delight
In the still dark night!

Their fluorescent glow
Tiffany threads flow
A galaxy in the jade
Milky way spread!

Glow worms or fireflies
Blazing lanterns of jungle life!
Selflessly emits light
Beautifies; makes the dark bright!

Poet's muse,
Inspiring profuse
The confetti gleam
Lifetime in a jiffy beam!

The Fallen Leaves

Have you ever heard the fallen leaves
Of autumn? How they make music?
From green to brown
Yet no frown
Shrivelled and dry
Neither dirge , nor mournful cry
Youth stolen, broken, still
 Undying hope  filled
 They waltz and swirl
 Fly To soar high
 One last time across the sky
 To some far off foreign land
 Or to perch on golden sand
 On the ground crushed yet
 For resurrection eternally wait

2 thoughts on “The Forgotten Parcel and Other Poems

  1. Amazing narrative, interwoven with delectable depiction of the dicotomy of hope and promise yet never compromising on the turbulent environment. Brillint piece of poetry.


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