By Amrita Valan

I Wonder

If I had been a flower
And you had picked the hue
I wonder, if you'd let me be
The brightest shade of blue?

If I had been your hummingbird
And you my song did  choose
I wonder, would you have picked a song
That crooned my deepest blues?

If I could  perch upon your shoulders broad
I wonder, would you let me fly
Across miles of blue desolate roads
Escape into the blue veined sky?

In your heart I found a resting place
A quiet peaceful abiding space
A serene spot, sacred love and grace
In you, my heart in secret stays.

In the windows of love's lilac room
My spirit threaded upon ancient loom
Sit I sad spinner weaving dreams
My occult love won't escape the seams.

And none but you and I shall know
How your soft love made me grow
Memory's beast of burden, rides too slow
down, down, below the safety line,
Into deep oblivious  blue I go.

I cannot calculate degree
Or quantify my love for thee
Me thinks such calculations
Only calculates my grave for me.

I'm a song unsung, a smile undone
Living my life in ciphered lines
Without plot or tapestry's set design,
Mismatched threads unravel to align.

Every day, I miss you just a bit
Till missing you is but dead habit
Every day, the sun rises above the trees
As sure as you winged away from me.

And every day, birds do sing their song
And I too, my love, shall sing along
Love kept inside has done you no wrong
But kept at bay, it grows ever strong.

Bread on Water

Rivers of blue
Tendrils of red
Wine on water
Floating nuggets of bread

Duck on the water
Hawk in the sky
Sunshiny morning
Cloudy goodbyes

Rivers of tenderness
Rosebuds of pain
A hollow in my heart aches
Till we meet again.

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