By Anila Pillai

Learning from Strands

To be civilised costs high
And to be wild adds volume and waves.

To remove strangled you cannot take the whole but
Bits and sections small, revoke the tangles right.

Stress or stretch on any matter will lead to break,
Slow and caring touch will make it look Right.

Grey shades reveal maturity thought, it reveal,
Deficiency of any visible catches early too.

However healthy or ruined it may stand
All what you should do with matter is at regular intervals,
Cut it short!

Silky straight or wavy curls
Will look good only if you feel it’s pulse.
Learn to see happiness or sorrow
Life is never still,
Will shred and yet new will rise!

Foremost! Teaches how important is
To care and to maintain peace and positivity.
For locks lock the nutrients given in or out,
Due to breakage or simple breaks when touched,
Split ends too will not make you grow if not mend in time.

An Err to Hear

Heavy was heart 
Brimming with guilt 
Unable to speak 
Threatned stood still.
Simple it might look 
To many, not me!
I had secrets hidden with pain
Unable  to speak,
None to share and 
Feel relieved!
Wished an ear to hear my Err,
Unable to speak,
It ate me from within.
Worth a matter I know not
Yet I stand craving 
For an ear to hear
That ate me from within.
A breeze blew pointing 
Primrose, Tulips and Adenium
In red, pink and shades of the same.
Caressing was the look 
They gave 
Poured my heart and Err 
They heard me well
And I cared them dwell!

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