By Donovan Westjohn

Sunset in December

Scurry of squirrels with mouthfuls
    ran towards aboriginal trees;
Piqued tasteful of moonlit mystery
entwine outside hatched tread,
midnight blue peacock feathers flung-
on scarlet macaw volcanic colored sky
like a fan morph to gel wax.
West coast ocean sputtered
a washing machine dial set high
seething against
queens yellow orb
splattered with passion.
Translucent ghost trail out a Photographer
on the tail-end of the year.

Lady Valentine

Gentle kisses on lemon grass.
Her small pink spotted body crept,
through the trellis cracks.
Swish sway, her antennas nimble,
yet with grace,
tickled pink tulips,
red roses,
white lilies.
Oh, her name is Valentine.
Keeper of all gardens.


king thistle weed
swift like venom exiles queen 
desert rose

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