By Umar YB

Just Pay a Visit

When the tide comes in
To quickly go,
And without delay
I get to row
My narrow boat
Into the sea,
Seek oh no
To oar with me...

Such voyage is solo!  

But if you want to listen
Or see my face
Just pay a visit
To the sandy place 
You find them there  
On the beachy sweep, 
Forever at hand
By the deep.

As We Freeze

As we freeze in bereavement and bewail
Over a beloved that set sail,
It is consoling to not forget
That only His will does prevail...

Throwing tantrums instead  
Of tears when a dear has fled,  
In truth only compounds the pain
For it can not raise the dead. 

Prayers for the soul of the gone,
The only way the war will be won,
And for us too to bear the pangs, 
Since we can not undo the done! 

As we freeze in bereavement and bewail,
It is comforting to never fail 
To remind our 'disappointed' selves 
That only His will does prevail.

I Will Not

How you used
your foxy art
To convince 
her gullible heart... 

I feel like placing on you
some timeless curse 
Having shredded what
you're trusted to nurse... 

Yet on my boundless canvas 
i will not paint you
I'll not love to have posterity cringe
at your hideous hue!

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