By Todd Matson

in dreams she
appears to me
as bubbles blown
by the billions
each carrying bits
of precious cargo
adding up to the
sum total of
all she has seen
all she has heard
all she has smelled
all she has tasted
all she has felt
all she has embraced
all she has loved
all she has meant
to all who have
loved her back
and then the bubbles
start popping
first by thousands
then by millions
then by billions
until the entire
milky way of her
nearly disappears
and i feel the urge
to quickly snatch
a bubble in my palm
to catch a glimpse of
the light of the sun
the colors of the rainbow
and the bit of me
that remains in her
in a moment
in a silent “poof”
she will be gone
and with her
my reflection

Todd Matson is a faith-based North Carolina Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

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