By Alex Andy Phuong

Sea Foam

Waves crashing upon the sand
 Water naturally connected with land
 See the sea
 Sometimes sea foam green
 Hardly ever obscene
 And even as a tempest
 Becomes a test
 Of courage and endurance
 The ones who overcome
 Refuse to succumb
 To the mysterious power
 Of the supposedly final hour
 And soar above the rest

Have Fun

To help be complete
 Moderation is what makes
 Reality sweet


Heart and soul
 Making a person whole
 A whole new world
 Filled with possibility
 And merging the mind
 While standing the test
 Of endurance
 And courage
 To open the eyes
 To see what must be seen
 To make the noble
 Reign supreme


Gentle gentility
 Homely hospitality
 Politely polite
 Day and night
 That is a gesture
 Of goodwill
 All possible from
 Personal will

More than Little Women

 Four sisters
 Familial bond
 Surviving warfare
 While remaining fair
 Four maidens
 Unlike any other
 Although with no brother
 They stand the test of time
 By being American icons
 And remain sublime
 As their literary narrative
 Transcends transcendentalism

No Other Place

No other place
 This present moment
 Upon the global stage
 Going about each day
 Without worrying
 And hurrying
 Be that as it may
 People say what they say
 And do what they do
 Experience living
 While staying loyal
 And true

The Month of March

Emerald green
 Spring beauty
 The goddess of Spring
 Beautiful Persephone
 Arising from below
 To let the world know
 That rebirth is possible
 By believing in the impossible
 Stay green as gold!

Jo March

Much more than little
 A heroine who does not
 Belittle. Author!

March On

No need to fight for
 What is right? Persevere and
 March on and move on!


 The way life is
 Is up to that individual
 For individuality
 Establishes identity
 Especially within
 In which change
 Is always
 In flux

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