By Alex Andy Phuong

Being in Love With Shakespeare in Love

Oh lady, Viola, be my muse
 How could I ever refuse?
 My admiration for thee
 A love story creating a conception
 For the greatest love story almost never told
 My lady, you have made my writing bold
 And even though we are all getting old
 I shall honor thee as my heroine for all time
 By writing Twelfth Night
 A thousand times goodnight
 Sweet Montague, be true
 Stay but little,
 I will come again
 And go back to when our love began
 By immortalizing our affair
 Into a play filled with ladies fair
 Sing to me, my love!
 I wish to be the glove upon thy hand
 So that I might touch thy cheek!


Mind the mind
 Have a heart
 Never part
 From you or me
 Celebrate individualism
 Form harmonious unity
 By changing yourself
 Into nobility


Common is not
 Necessarily bad
 Because the ones who
 Accept humility
 Provide hope for


Sometimes people forget things
 And the past can never be regained
 For time keeps moving forward
 Yet some memories have been sustained
 The past is in the past
 And people must let go
 Before they truly know
 What life has in store
 And in spite of forgetfulness
 Remember one’s roots
 Because love is the best antidote
 For preserving passionate individuality


Topical topic
 Superficial stuff
 Limited perspectives
 Distort reality
 Being a diamond in the rough
 Can encourage nobility
 So that a topic
 Can involve much more than
 Simple discussions
 Because being topical
 Could make life feel


Sheer iridescence
 Glistening like diamonds
 Be the diamond in the rough
 Exhibit fiery flamboyance
 but never be an exhibitionist
 Be bold
 Artistic and majestic
 Naturally synthetic
 And show personal presence


Laughter and humor
 Fun in the sun
 Sometimes on the run
 Despite criminal behavior
 People can choose to
 Act like a savior
 And free themselves from guilt and shame
 Instead of utilizing blame
 And truly be who they are
 No matter where they are
 And be a shining star
 As a beacon of hope
 Until life is done


Mechanical mechanics
 Rhetorical rhetoric
 Poetic Devices
 Tools for Creativity
 Merging Sense and Sensibility
 Not only mightier than swords
 But also relieving people who are bored
 But only the ones
 Willing to create
 Will truly appreciate
 The meaning of pursuing passion


Players upon a stage
 Earth as the ultimate stage
 Relent resentment
 and express pure wonderment
 Through peace and tranquility
 and be like a sage
 For there is no need for rage
 and keep turning the page


Shining in the light
 Though the dark hue
 Hides what is true
 Regal purple
 Is royal
 Like a gem in the night


Halloween is for
 The ones who fear death and those
 Who celebrate life

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