By Andre Swanepoel 


They break upon us unrelenting
 As the dawn breaks like a rainbow
 Refracting our dewdrop-eyes
 That settle at once upon our love
 Like condescending dust confounded
 In beauty that fuels these monarchs that flit
 As thoughts between sun and shade
 Gathering potency

On an Unknown Road Just Before Dark

The sun runs off the page
 As if to hasten its turn
 But I know the rules:
 I close my eyes for five beats
 At six I listen for the direction of his footfalls
 At seven I breathe trying to catch his summersweet scent
 At eight I tap my foot impatiently
 At nine I doubt myself and all his faculties
 And ten: I stand
 Alone. On an unknown road.
 It’s already dark.

Andre Swanepoel seeks to convey his unique take on life and literature through his poetry, often inspired and built on the foundation of his experiences in the medical field where he works as a doctor in semi-rural South Africa. The belief that words can heal all wounds is one that is dear to his hear

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