By Alex Andy Phuong


But not out loud
But do not choke
Yet also harmonize
Employ humor
For the sake of
Unite Us!


Intellectual intelligence
Much more than brilliance
Employing the mind
And sensation
To offer profound perception
And empathetic perspectives
Upon collective collectives
That define more than quantity
And reveal the nature of reality


Turn it up
Lower it
Mathematical measurement
Speak softly
Yet be heard
Emphasize every word
For diction dictates
All writing
That blends fiction and nonfiction


Playing music
Via Musical Musicality
Combining sounds
With Reality
More than being a musician
Letting the soul soar
And play passionately
Sing the blues!


Contracts might be binding
And sometimes unbreakable
But contracting muscles
Allow for movement
While the mind dictates
What the body does
So that people can still be
What they are meant to be
Despite the confines of reality

Watch Me Soar

Ashes to ashes,
And dust to dust
Despite my struggles
I have to do what I must
To survive
Life is hard
Life is not fair
Even though this is true
I do not care
Because in the end, I will survive
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes
As it comes back from death
Such miracles cause me to hold my breath
My life has ups
My life has downs
But no matter what
I will not frown
Because I know
Yes, I do know
That I will survive
Life has always been a struggle
Because I may act odd
I am so peculiar
Though I do not have a deformed exterior
But I will make it though
And survive
After I ultimately do survive,
I want to make one thing clear
Nothing in the past matters anymore
Whatever matters is already here
If the phoenix can rise
So can I
So go ahead
And watch me fly


Across the world
Upon the stage
Avoid anger and rage
Give back to the world
And be whole
Cross over troubled waters
And let the soul
Flow with fluidity
While avoiding immaturity
And travel far and wide
With no need to hide
Nor conceal
The reality of what is real


Rich aristocracy
Vibrant history
A dream deferred
A civilization
blown away
By war
Civil action
And disobedience
Fight to be free
Oh what a great land for thee

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