By Ivan Bekaren

To Want?

To want the temporal easement of
person, place, thing or feeling?
many a riddle come to question
many a riddle lay one impression
what is it to want?
what is it to hold?
what is it to have?
Is it the consistent bloom of the earthling who may know nothing in the want and even less of the feeling?
If abundance be one fine point extending from the breath children
of the woman we will call “center,”
then why must the heart long for something?
when the beauty of wanting be in the feeling of it realized to repurpose conviction on the
shelf life of never ending want waiting to be wanted
The question hangs itself

Move Me

Move me a little closer

move me farther up where the day king might see me
but move me where my heart beats in tune with the oneness that makes us whole in delicious co creation
move me to the music that you play from the harp strings of my bubbly heart
oozing the joy only this much understanding of our picture
may afford me when I seek out a new tale in expansive unfolding for the purpose of us who is me and me in connection with thee;
as cross roads and eternal gyrations
of super collected infiniteness convulsing

and many gems of a rock that is mother who knows me
move me in the image of existence
where the one piece makes the whole
which the whole will not do without
move me

My Way to You

In feeling my way through,
to the open haven that is you in this grandeur,
i rest my inhibitions from my conscious senses to embrace your true form
I paddle over calm waters
beneath the peeking gaze of angelic space


I paddle my way to you

Tele – path Yee

The earth holds the mirror

so stay here

cocooned on the spot where dreams are brought to life by the rains that know how to bring your soul to the fore;

on this journey upon her belly
where the stars sail to guide you
so the wind knows how to show you
stay here as you journey on
for this earth knows you even when you are lost
it holds the mirror against her sister
for your steps

so stay here
as you journey on

To Sit and Stay

Hissing trees whisper nuggets to my hearing
by their tampered dances with the soft winds
that gently stroke my bare skin
as I stroll over lazy sands,
too happy to embrace my feet
into their generous solace that calms my being
At home close to the thundering waves,
I hear the charmed chirping of flying beauties nearby
that colour my soul with new fever to wait a little longer
to hold this moment and the play of this magical day
to sit in silent abundance of all the wisdom the ocean’s heart has to say
to sit and stay

Ivan Bekaren is an actor, spoken word poet and songsmith. He enjoys writing and creating, is an avid reader and a stickler for personal development. Amongst his accomplishments, he has taken part in the poetry marathon and his work ‘Baby Midnight train’ appears in the anthology which is came out in 2020. He is also a law student at the University of Lagos, Nigeria

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