By Mohsina Dadu

An Ode to Myself

Don't know how it fleet by,
 And don't know how nourished with dexterity.
 Many things and souls to come and go by
 All Fortified for better version,
 And today that I turned forty.

 In course piled through tangled net,
 This trivial but Thy fond pet.
 Your Sky, Earth and All Your Habitants,
 Cared and armored by You and Your angels,
 And it's how today I turned forty.

 Yet slowly its dripping with flickers,
 Squeezing every ounce with similar nectar
 Just Thee want to be side by,
 To lead the straight flight.
 And thus today I turned forty.

My Quiet Window

Desolate, breathing quietly
 Grief floors in mysterious winter evening,
 Her sunset falling into macabre,
 Regretting, daydreaming
 The joyful, golden, magical patches of wonder years
 Silent roads which illuminated with smoky, lovely chats
 Shoulders dashing happily with each other
 Laughter ,undulating sounds, giggling cries with velvety empathy.

 Now found missing that human Paradise.

 The rascal, fluorescent, small arm
 Triggered, witch crafted my son and daughter.

 At Ocean few to embrace waves,
 Who is there to count shining stars,
 Regretting empty coffee tables,
 Sunsets are just dying impatiently,

 I, Forlorn now!

 Hoping to hammer the clock in reverse,

 To die with Euphoric eternity.

All is Not Lost

It is so surprising.
 I found you everywhere,
 under my reach.
 Beneath, above, lying side by side.
 Humbled. I am so lucky.
 I did not lose you,
 or you did not lose me?

 You are mere tools.

 But yeah,

 Let me count humans.

 Have I them all too?

 Yeah, few are left by choice.

 And lot are there to rejoice.

 So all is not lost.

Virtual Alien

It is not a day or two,
 I always find a misfit.

 Four cornered devices - big and small
 Bitter for me, but sweet for all.

 Each beep and tap is a dread to me
 And a stranger’s call? - horror to me!

 To Load, download and upload, - I am a stranger;
 Even greater when I am on messenger.

 May be I’m a case of cyberphobia to look,
 Never liked to be poked on Facebook.

 My buttery fingers swipe in all directions
 Wandering clueless in different sections.

 Stumbling upon the unknown, is a misery,
 Coz that's when I go blank, with frenzy.

 Then my words begin to freeze,
 And notions are slowly seized.

 Login, sign in and outing;
 These are entirely amusing.

 PNG JPG JPG creatures to confuse
 Toppling passwords fear to choose.

 Chat and ‘type’ get me to snooze
 Though its puzzling, I’ve nothing to lose.

 Apps on my device await since long, my visit.
 One day, I’ll reign in this world misfit.

Mohsina Dadu, she is an educator and a soft skills trainer, entrepreneur, motivational speaker by
profession. She belongs to Modasa, one of the semi urban town of Gujarat state, India. She
now heads on educational institute as a Director and MD of her own training institute. She owns
a YouTube channel ‘Education Bliss’.
She is a simple going person. She is very amiable and social, caring being one likes to meet
and treasure as a friend. Her hobbies are teaching, learning, reading and writing , these in itself
can say more about her personality.
She is an emotional being with full of compassion and has great belief in human values and
dignity. She is an indeed a great help to anyone in need.
She is introvert but friendly with all her dealings and to her friends she is extrovert. She feels
herself energetic among her students, trainees and colleagues. She is very professional

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