By John Page

I awaken from my tomb. My minions bow to me and present my possessions. I take them and announce that I shall visit the dark moon. They look surprised but taken me to my mount.
I approach my mount. It is the raised corpse of the eldest dragon king. Only he can take me there. Only he has the strength.
I mount him and take off. We fly straight up and go until the air goes thin.
I look at the blue sphere of my world with contempt. The living feel that the whole universe is down there. There is an infinite amount of similar spheres in the cold void.
Instead I look to the fourth moon of my world. It is a dark orb that is barely visible completed to its white, blue and red siblings.
It is not a rock but instead an artifact of a lost age. The foolish see it as a curse. It is simply a tool, nothing more.
I urge my mount deep into space. Since we have long past the mortal state I don’t even notice the chill of the vacuum.
We fly for several days as reach the first moon. It’s barren red surface does not interest me so I flew past it.
After another week I reach the silver moon. I sense life on it but they are hidden. Perhaps the Luna people will obey me if I conquered them. Perhaps not.
I fly for another week till I see the blue moon. It is bursting with life and energy. I look and see my homework looks like a small ball from here. How alien is it:
I fly for another month until I see my goal.
It would be terrifying to a mortal but not to me. Instead I simply fly my mount into a orbit around the moon. I focus on draining power from the black moon. I repeat this for several days.
Once I am done I cast my spell. The void screams with power.
The moon blinks.
The ritual is complete. The doom mortals feel is now true.
The circle is complete.

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