By Althea Jimison

Symphony of Revolution

When you believe that you are too insignificant to change the world, your belief becomes a reality.
You will end up living a life you believe you deserve; most people choose to live in fearful neutrality.
Some people are content to be minor players in the symphony of life.
Keep on playing the soft hidden melody of your own timeline.
If you choose to play to the tune of an individual melody,
please refrain from criticizing the musicians who rewrite symphonies and revolutionize reality.
After all, they did not let insecurity keep them in a state of inactivity.
If you don't change the world…
never complain when someone else has the courage to be the symphony of revolution.
You are responsible for your own evolution. 

Victim of Mass Marketing

Today was the day that I realized that I did not throw in the towel. I had to eliminate the shame from my perspective and recalibrate my self-worth.
Today I tagged my higher self in to remind me how to put myself first.
You see, I have become so indoctrinated by a mass suicidal marketing campaign aimed at women to bring us to our knees and fill us with shame.
Today I held a wine glass in trembling hands as I made my first phone call to meet with a group of women to discuss my cry for help in my battle with sobriety.
I masked my addiction with an elegant wine glass that made my weakness acceptable to society.
I asked for help even as I drank from the glass of my own poisoning. Trying to drown out the falsely soothing voice in my head excusing my conditioning.
I spent the last five years of my life telling myself that it was okay to have a glass of wine every night. I also spent the last five years of my life drinking the whole bottle and losing that fight.
You see, it's easy to lie about not being an addict when you manage to be functional in a way that hides your panic.
Addiction is a disease caused by living in a constant state of anxiety. I spend too much time asking myself, “am I good enough?” while choking on the bile of my self-doubt.
“You look so elegant with your wine,” they said and I fell for the illusion every time.
I felt sexy, confident, and now I feel like a fool of clever marketing. Every time I turn on the TV; I see alcohol displayed on an altar made for worshipping.
Today I breathe a sigh of relief as I tag in my higher self. Today I breathe a sigh of relief as I accept that it is all right to ask for help.
Today is the day that I remind myself of my own self-worth. Yes, I accept that I am working on my sobriety. But I forgive myself for being vulnerable to mass marketing

Looking Through the Window of Blind Eyes

How can we ever hope to conceptualize a vision of unlimited possibilities when we are looking through blinded eyes?  We are force-fed a reality that is riddled with lies. 
The aurora borealis is real, it is fluid energy in motion.  This energy is a larger piece of what is inside you and me.  The rhythms within our bodies ebb and flow like the ocean.  
There is a war for your attention because attention is power. Attention is the potential of manifestation. 
Every step outside is an attack on our minds- buy this, need this, you are unworthy. 
Your cell phone has been turned into a weapon of mass destruction as you gaze into the void of nothingness and endless unfulfilled desires.
Every distraction in your life that does not serve you is as deadly to your life purpose as a bullet to your body.

Alethea Jimison is a poet and Author from Texas.  She enjoys writing stories and poetry that challenge the reader to make the world a better place through personal development and accountability.  Her work has appeared in the Literary Yard, Poetry Nation and Adelaide Magazine.  You can find out more about Alethea’s work at

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