By Glenn Bresciani


Za,za,za. Ga,ga,ga. Boo-boo.

I am a Zulu walking under the moon.

The African savanna stretches for eternity.

All the lions and the zebras are living in harmony.

This is the place I’d rather be, dreaming of the wilds from a David Attenburough DVD.

Saddle up a giraffe, come ride with me.

Za,za. Ga,ga. Boo. Let’s shout it out.

Because flipping beef patties at Burger-Works is stressing me out.

Bending over a hot stove for six hours, I’m grateful for this daydream. It’s yoga for my heart.

It’s like being shot by a tranquilizer dart.


Glenn works as a support worker in community aged care. Fantasy and Sci-Fi are his favourite genres that he enjoys reading and wants to write about. Yet, whenever Glenn writes a story, he always ends up writing ‘Slice-of-Life’ fiction. This is Glenn’s first attempt at writing poetry.

Glenn’s short stories have been published at Literary Yard, Bewildering Stories and Storgy.

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