By Jamiu Olayinka Olarinoye

These hills and its bump are a stub of nature.
Its lock of land, raised above peer culture
stretches, and drags claims with the mountain;
its inspiring hillbilly squats have and contain
some ginger trees and lake-lines running miles.

In these low-lying region lays life in man’s embrace.
The rural toils, lay ridges and plants in due diligence
while the urbanites claim to harvest the know-hows
with junk-foods, oversized belts and fighting cows
nurturing some life threatening Aspirin-induced peace.

When the heat leaves a one-sided track,
sling bags and matching tracks are laid aback;
and life’s toll is washed over its fertile silts
in complex valleys and chirpy torrents.

In these valleys and fertile stubs,
the all-year harsh-weathered cubs;
some of nine months parturiency
make peaceful and wishful thinking hilly
–thanks to broken ties and gravy cities.

In these hills, one’s life begins afresh
it ties one to a newer civilization stash,
like some Mongolian warrior prince
racing the woods and ravine in scene
laying claims to vast sturdy horns.


Jamiu Olayinka Olarinoye is an undergraduate of History and Strategic Studies at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He writes as ‘Epiphany’ and attempts to view the world through the eyes of others since he observes more than he speaks. His writings have been acknowledged by a series of international writing groups he belongs to with Awards of Excellence and championships to his credit from ‘English Poets’ and ‘Talemongers’, both online.

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