By Thomas Page

“New Years Day”
As night bleeds into day, the sun
Will rise against a Renaissance’d
World of resolutions, hopes, dreams.
Holy day of obligation
Sets the nail on the old vinyl
To chant songs of the Mother of
God. The Christmas tree is thrown out
Into expanse of wilderness.
Hallelujah, alleluia
No matter the spelling conveys
The same meaning. How does spelling
Change the way an idea is
Perceived? Gray or Grey? Tom or Thom?
Does it matter whether the way
A song of praise is spelled? I know
What you mean by that phrase spoken.
“Kindergarten Forest”
Roadside kindergarten forest
Brings hope that the woods can survive
The onslaught of the houses and
Highways. Neon and exit signs
In the same biome as these trees
And the pigeons and the doves and
The little mammals scurrying
Around the trees and the concrete beams.

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