Death: The Unsung Hero

By Gbenga Kajopaye I lost my mum when I was ten, barely four months from being eleven. I can still hear the spine-chilling, visceral scream when my dad found her body just outside the bathroom. It was a rude awakening for my brother and I as we both scampered out of bed, still half asleep. … Continue reading Death: The Unsung Hero

If You Leave, Where Will You Go?

By Lisa Hoelzer I recently left the strict high-demand religion I belonged to for the past thirty years. The values and practices associated with my faith shaped every part of my life: family priorities, Sunday behaviors, clothing, friendships, political attitudes, and more. A few years ago, I began to be disillusioned not only with my … Continue reading If You Leave, Where Will You Go?

Me and the Chandler Mall

By Debra White In mid-October 2001, a sprawling shopping complex including a two-level mall known as Chandler Fashion Square, opened in the East Valley area of Phoenix to rave reviews. Critics said malls were fading away and questioned whether the new mall would succeed. I shrugged off the doom and gloom. Someone always nitpicked, didn’t … Continue reading Me and the Chandler Mall