By David L. Painter

A multitude of colors drift by as mirrored streams
reflection of the day appear
as if they are so far away.
Then the wind carriers that thought
with it, I watch as the silhouette of it
lingers and fades,
was it really there?
Or was my dream just a sad
figment of my mind.

There are things that should be,
others have no bearing ,
for they are not real
and there for of no value.
But somehow those things have great
 those intangible things that we long to process,
even when they
drift by as mirrored shadows,
this is what we call the human condition
the want, the yearning.
Perhaps even the silence of a dream that
scarcely can be remembered.
with its multitude of colors.

David L. Painter is a International published poet, He is a member of the Inner Circle writers’ group and
Penned in the City. His works have been published in Sweetycat Press, Piker Press, Rye Whiskey
Review, Clarendon House. Spillwords Press, The Writer’s Club, Dyst Literary Journal, the World of Myth, Every Writer,
and Academy of the Heart and Mind.


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