By Sangita Kansal

Originally published in Indigo Dreams in February 2023

To bloom with hope is a decision
And so is to wither with pessimism.
The fainthearted succumb to negativity
Etching out lives of misery.

Dispel the thick clouds of darkness 
By radiant flames reaching nirvana.
Ignite the spark of light,
With a spiritual torch in troubled times.	

Innermost depths of anguished struggle,
Transforms despair to happiness.
Darkest nightly hour precedes joyful dawn,
Every death is followed by a fresh new- born.

If a star of hope is kept alive
Sparkling majestic towers we climb.
Dreams be created from barrenness
Unleashing flowers of benefit.

A cave shrouded in darkness for aeons,
With a flickering candle instantly brightens.
Optimism is life’s gilded treasure
A magic weapon unleashing courage.

A man desolate without mission
Is lacklustre losing his battle,
Dwells on ghostly regrets
Remaining disturbed and shackled.

War, hunger, pestilence, blights our century,
It yearns for beacons of hope and champions of victory.
Not the elites, but the trampled ordinary 
Will move our tragic tide of history!

Sangita Kansal is a poet from England.


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