By James Joseph Snyder

in the distance

I see you, in the distance 
			                 there is no light, to be seen.
Your presence is past, and future 
				                      where dark is bright, and hopeful 
me, you see.

Late Day, Late Summer

a breeze barely blowing
tree branches fairly waving
leaves undulating
as if floating on rippling water

little sound from leaves
no squirrel chatter in trees
softly bird calls now and then
as a distant saintly plea

canopy of leaves green-deep
in sun shadows still keep
bright grass and dark spruce
as shifting shades of peace

like a train  (life moves on)

smoke drifting across the roof top, 			
   ragged puff        after        ragged puff,
moving slowly but constantly, on tracks of air	

like a train at a railroad crossing, 
   moving slowly        but        constantly,
rail car after rail car, immovable in its moving

the body has many tongues 1

the Psalms have songs of ascents2
 worshipping up to the temple
  the temple which was in Jerusalem
   which now is Christ himself
   which now is the body of Christ 
  the body has many peoples and tongues
 worshipping in songs of accents
tongues of flame over every one

1 paraphrased comments from Paul in Romans 12:4 and 1 Corinthians 12:12

2 songs of ascents: Psalms 120–134

Two Doors

there are two doors between us
my heart and your words
your words call to my heart 
or harsh words slam shut
my heart caresses your words
or hurt heart shuts out
will your words draw out my heart
will my heart draw forth your words
there are two doors between us

James Joseph Snyder is a retired engineer who worked in product development of medical devices. He was born and lives in Minnesota. He has written poetry from a young age, published at age six in a book of children’s poems; with a recent poem published in Lucky Jefferson.


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