By Mary Bone

Mary Bone’s poems were previously published at Best Poetry by Editor Guy Farmer Website:

Sunlit Garden Path

A sunlit garden path,
with roses in full bloom.
The aroma is heavenly.
It is a great place to relax
and smell the flowers.

Sentence Deconstruction

I deconstructed a sentence
broke it down to the letters
fileting the words with a knife,
somehow I ended up with chopped suey.

The End of Summer

Leaves are falling,
Fall is in the air.
A fresh wind is blowing,
signaling the end of summer.

Fall’s Early Entrance

A summer breeze
blew leaves across the sky.
The leaves landed in piles at
the base of a tree.
Children played all afternoon
Jumping and having fun.

The Nibblers

This year’s harvest
could have fed the hungry,
If the deer hadn’t eaten the tops
off the okra stalks.
If the grasshoppers didn’t swarm and eat
every green thing I had planted,
except my cucumbers.
The potatoes stayed underground
during the blight and survived.
Several rain showers helped to bring on
more leaves to the base of the stalks.
We are hoping something doesn’t nibble
on the yellow blooms peeking out for a second chance,
so they can hopefully present themselves.


As I walked through tall grass,
I heard a rattle and saw a movement
winding through the grass.
I stood still as the danger slithered by.
I had been warned.

Paper Dolls

My paper umbrella
melted in the rain.
Pulp tears cascaded
to the ground.
I was a paper doll,
who rode an invisible train.
The tea set caught water.
The mud cookies crumbled.
Playtime was postponed until
another day.

Sleeping Dogs

When sleeping dogs arise
and look all around,
they can cut you down to size,
without a single sound.
I’ve decided not to tread
too close to sleeping dogs.

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