By Sangita Kansal

The world is bleeding
Don’t wound it anymore
It needs love and healing
Not bombs, not war

Man kills man
Annihilates its own kind
Can’t we see what we are doing?
Are we so blind?

Babies are dying
Mothers are crying
Politicians are lying

Devoid is our humanity
To view someone as the other
To have prejudice based on colour
This is a world of insanity

Choose dialogue and peace
Choose respect and harmony
Lay down thy sword, lay down thy gun
War must forever cease

We are all interconnected
We are all part of the whole
To hurt the human race, pollutes our essence
Destroys our soul

By lighting the path of another
You light your own
Seeds of peace and love
Not war be sewn

Speak truth to power 
Raise thy voice for the weak
Compassion will flower
Benefits of courage we reap

Hardened hearts will melt
Evil in decline
The flame of wisdom
Not lust for power will shine

Sweep away the cobwebs of ignorance
The poison of stupidity and greed
Work for a planet of happiness
Where every shackled man is freed

The common man be King
Adorned with a jewelled crown
Satan will rule no more
Bells of joy will ring

No treasure is more precious than life
Breathe the air of peace
Cleanse the soul of hatred
War must forever cease

Sangita Kansal is a poet from London, England.

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