By Amy Irani

7th November 2021

Seventh November 1965 
The day we united for life 
For good or for bad 
To take all in our strife 
To love n to cherish 
with utmost love 
We were husband n wife 

Today is our fifty sixth year 
just seventy three days back 
left for yr 
heavenly abode 
from here 
Every year this day 
Fun n joy in every way 
No matter where u r today 
Seventh November 
Our special day 
Till my last day 
will be 
Very thankful to God for the last fifty six years

If only God would

Only if there was no death 
Or if it HAS to be, 
In heaven ,whoever wants to be 
Cud God summon only those 
And spare the ones 
At the word “death” froze 

The ones who want to depart 
Feeling they have done their part 
Without any ailment 
On earth come to settlement 
Which date they part 
Programme their chart 
Family n friends gather 
Party n chatter 
Farewell they bid together 
Goodbye for ever.

Loved this world n life 
With the love of my life 
Precious to each other 
Stretched life a 
Little further? 

No more can now be said 
All of us here are so sad 
Wd like for me 
a few years more 
To wind up a few chores 
Time now spent with the rest 

Coping n making the best 
Trying to get back the same Zest 
Before “he”went for eternal rest 
No escape from death 
Good health is wealth 
Pray keep me wealthy 
With good health 
Unto my day of death

Losing two priceless Gems

Having lost two most precious gems 
Within six years gap 
At finger snap 
Just out of a nap? 
Touched everyone’s 
Loving , caring genuine 
From the start 
Forty years later 
Did he part. 

His parting was a trauma 
Till date in shock 
Within twenty four hours 
Leaving me n mine 
Running chill through our spine. 
Life has to go on 
We all have moved on 
Emotionally bruised 
Will we ever recover??? 
The other 
After years fifty six 
With emptiness here I sit 
Sweet memories 
Twenty four seven 
Seeing u so live in pics 
I do thrive 
But I wonder, further life? 
In this world wide 
Where n how 
Do I fit n fix 
Till alive?

Routine that was 

To greet u every morning 
With your smile n a little bit of groaning Keep prodding around 
Messy work table 
But perfectly able 
Putting up the cable 
To watch Caine n Able 
Stretch in comfort 
In spite of the stubble 
Who cares attitude 
Forever soooo cool n calm 
No cares no worries 
Go ride in a ferry 
Have some rice n curry 
Now for slumber 
“My dear deal with the Plummer” Back for coffee break 
Cards thirteen dealt 
Ecstasy he felt 
“Me no worry me no care 
After “the game” 
You wd be 
flying in the air” 
Feeling like a millionaire 
See you tomorrow 
My buddy 

Amy Irani writes poems right from her heart, of what she feels at that moment or what she has felt when certain things happen in her life. Readers can actually visualise the whole thing in front of their eyes and feel her sorrow and/or her happiness.

One thought on “7th November 2021 and Other Poems

  1. Poetry is in ripping your heart open for the emotions to pour out to feel the relief in your mind, but also touch the hearts of the readers who find the same vibes bursting out of their hearts.
    Can feel your deepest thoughts for your beloved.
    God keep you peaceful.


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