By Ellie Stewart


The Earth turns
too fast
for the world to catch up

The seasons shift
leaving lovers,
swiveling apart

What were we?

My head turns
too fast
for me to remember

I spin,
you stay.
You’re there
and then I’m gone.


You were there, 
We were here.

The stars beneath our feet.
The air we never breathed.
Our footprints never clean.

A new world now;
Transcendence when you left,
The path behind you overgrown.
You’ve shimmered to the next.

Evanescence, the very essence 
Of your existence.

Grey clouds made way
For rolling thunder,
Beckoning you,
The sky screaming.

It would never die.
The scent of the sky.
The dark in your eyes.

But it has.
We have.


Ellie Stewart is a 17 year old graduating high school senior from Utah. She writes stories and poems in her time that isn’t spent working with animals and plants. She plans to publish a novel one day and display it in a personal library among devil’s ivy and fish tanks.


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