By Marc Isaac Potter


Pairs of little bare feet
Running across the Kentucky Bluegrass,
Children laughing as they run,
Showing off their new Easter clothes.
Pappa pops a beer
In the hot pool and chugs this one too.
Momma is in the house
Peeling carrots while Auntie
Cleans in another part of the house.
All is being readied
For the disaster.

Shopping Cart

Early morning hours,
The cold hours before sunrise.
An old man in need of a clean shave 
Pushes his shopping cart
Past an old woman
in need of love.

Tiger Lilies

Opening Like a jar of slivered red peppers,
like a Venus Fly Trap
Of beauty,
Like your grandmother’s arms
at church when she sees a friend.
The Tiger Lily Stands tall
In the world of beauty,
The new thinnest model
Coming down the runway.
In our world of geraniums and tomato
Plants, the Tiger Lily was a movie giant,
Un believably tall,
Shockingly beautiful
Trapped in its one little spot.


An old man bought a cane.
It had flowers all over it,
He bought it because it was beautiful,
Because it had flowers all over it.
But he was uncomfortable,
Thinking everyone would think he was gay.
And he was gay.
So he made an uncomfortable speech
Everywhere that people would listen
About how people might think he was gay.
Small closets are tight.


If you love
A beautiful stone,
You must throw it in the ocean.
If it loves you,
It will fly back.

Marc Isaac Potter (they/them) …  is a differently-abled writer living in the SF Bay Area.  Marc’s interests include blogging by email and Zen.   They have been published in Fiery Scribe Review,  Feral A Journal of Poetry and Art,  Poetic Sun Poetry, and Provenance Journal.   Twitter is @marcisaacpotter. 

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