By Tim Law

Will 2022 be like 2023?
If so, my hope is that it’s over swiftly
2022 coming to an end
Everyone around me seemingly going around the bend

Work weighing heavily upon my mind
Home life is not much better, smiles are difficult to find
Everything seems to be spiraling to the end of a year
Only for the first month of the next to be the same, I fear

Worn out, drawn out, pushing too far
In want of a holiday, but need a new car
When life and work are both out of whack
What gets the priority? What takes a step back?

Keep on smiling they say, but it’s getting harder to do
I don’t know the secret, I wonder do you?
Caught in the middle of not a fun place
Struggling to keep afloat while showing a sunny face

Can we please fast-forward to 2025?
I just want to check if things are normal, are we even alive?
People say we’ll get used to it, this new kind of life
But I worry for my kids, myself, and my wife

I worry for my extended family and for my friends as well
The more that this new normal goes on, the longer in the dark I dwell
Can someone please give me a lift back to 1995?
Things seemed simpler then, it felt good to be alive

Now we seem stuck with some life that’s second rate
A witch’s curse, a madman’s dream, a poor young wanderer’s fate
I wonder what awaits us, what new challenge is around the bend
My hope for the future is that this feeling will just end

Replaced with joy, happiness, and good old-fashioned fun
A year stress-free, without a tear, for each and every one
For if we don’t get off this ride and leave this life of stress
I fear that things can only get worse, ending in one big mess

4 thoughts on “Work/Life (Un)Balance

  1. Well done, a rant indeed!
    Some may retire and
    smoke some weed.
    They’d say, wake me when it’s all over,
    but wait the secret is close by
    you see, just watch the trees
    See how they be
    and do the same; add
    a smile, a laugh and
    from the middle of the belly
    a guffaw. That’s all they say
    for a beautiful life to come your way.


  2. Work Life (unBalance’) expresses the truth behind the life we lead now a days. There’s shallowness everywhere, an emptiness envelopes us. It’s painful to read craving to go back to 1995, that is to the good old days when artificiality did not cast heartlessness in us.
    If this poem can awaken such feelings in the readers, life on earth would be better.
    Good job Tim Jaw.👏


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