By Inga Piotrowska

The doctor told me that I have cataract
and the world will always look blurry.

I read somewhere that
searching is not poetry.
It is a bumpy road and dead-end
coming home and instantly leaving
sleeping 3 hours a night
forgetting to clean the counter.

Searching is not about finding.
It is about dropping hiding and losing.

They couldn’t stand to see me wander 
so they gave me a plastic lens.

The counter remains unclean and I hide under the bed.

My insides are blurry

Inga Piotrowska is a young Polish poet and translator currently living in Manchester, UK. Her first poetry book was published in Poland in 2018. She received a BA in Psychology from Wellesley College, USA and MA in English Literature from the University of York, UK. She can speak four languages. 

One thought on “Cataract

  1. Ms Piotrowska: I like this very much. As someone whose received an implant, I am aware of both the miracle of clarity and how much I miss some of the fuzzy blurriness. Thank you for sharing.


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