By Petrouchka Alexieva

Quilt of Life

(To Mom and Dad)

“Please, stay. Let’s make this life together!”
My father said to my mom in the morning.
This is what life is, a colorful quilt –
In size that we can make it by choice.

Every piece has its story; every color is a season of love,
Happiness or some sorrows, and disappointments
When something doesn’t fit perfectly on the corners, 
But it can be fixed with another colorful patch.

It takes work patience and dedication,
Few sparkles in the eyes and keep going with smile
When the weather is not very pleasant,
But the quilt will warm us up. It is our taste of life.

With Crown of His Own 

Driving to Victorville early this morning
After a cold Californian night.
I was not in a hurry. I had nothing to worry.
The sky was clear, the sun just emerged
 From the hills on the right.

Half the way there…what a happy surprise! 
The Joshua trees were covered with layer 
Of crispy white snow. The sweet creamy blossoms
Looked incredibly awesome
Like chandeliers shimmering in the air.

Right in front of me, on the left of the road
Little baby tree stood courageous and strong.
Showing off his pretty attire 
And shiny crown of his own.

Christmas Star

A present from the moon
Was sent to me -
Bright star fell from behind 
Of a fluffy midnight cloud
And took spot in my heart.
Now, I am glowing from inside
In a Christmas Holly night.

Christmas Night

Kids are not sleeping tonight
Waiting for Santa Claus to pass by. 
He is busy, but they wait for their turn
Keeping on windows sparkling lanterns.

They even hide under their beds, 
Hoping they’ll see the Old Jolly Man
Right at midnight. Moms and dads
Already wrote their cheerful letters.
”Santa, this year we had the best kids
And they are growing better, indeed”

Don’t worry dear girls and boys!
You might miss to see his joyful slay, 
But all presents are already yours.
I guarantee you, there is no other way!

Winter Valentines

Snow Flakes
- Winter’s love Valentines 
not only for one day or one night,
but for the entire season.

Sent by the mail of the clouds
in different designs, 
they shimmer and dance
until cover the earth with love.

Flake after flake, kiss after kiss
flakes hug with love every seed, 
cover the branches of naked trees
and make them dream until spring.

Gingerbread House for a Mouse

A little mouse dreamt of  a house –
a house built all from cheese.
So she could have sweet little bites
during the nights with a winter chill.

She was waiting and waiting,
but it didn’t happen.
So the mouse decided
to wait for a gingerbread one
during this Christmas time. 

For a very good reason
in this cheerful season,
every wish can come true.
And the little mouse whispered
upon the bright Christmas star.

In the morning she run out
of her hole in the wall
and what a surprise!
There was a gingerbread house
and a star blinking above.

Every Night

Every night,
The sun goes down 
Throwing  colors
From his fire palette.
Joyful flames dance
On the earth’s face.

The first little shadows
Grow with the night;
Playing seek-and-hide
With the orange clouds
On the sky.

The sand on the beach 
Collects his treasures
from the sea – 
A few shiny pebbles 
Shells and stars.

Ready to sleep
The sun deeps down
His face and his rays 
into the ocean mirror
And then, it will disappear.

Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday morning -
Sleeping late and tea in bed!
On my window a bird is walking;
On the wall are bunch of flowing 
Leafy silhouettes.
Lazy morning – no regrets!
Calm and pure
Rays are targeting my eyes; 
I’m not opening them, 
(That's for sure!),
Only rolling them like 
Dice to left and dice to right...
Lazy Sunday - that’s alright! - 
I became a lazy 

On The 35th Floor – 2022

It is almost midnight.
The large summer moon 
Throws misty light 
Over my shoulders.
It is past midnight.
I suppose to be home 
At this time, but no…
I am still in the office.

Shell I go?…On the 35th floor
Time is silently frozen.
The city is sleeping, 
Taxis and trolleys are slow
Blinking with million lights.

Shell I go?…I locked the door
From inside. 
Until the morning, 
No telephones, no meetings.
35th floor is my insomniac island.
…and It’s already a minute past midnight.

Melting From Love

I build Him for fun, like a dream 
From the yesterday’s innocent snow.
Because of the weather I gave Him 
My favorite sweater, 
Mittens and scarf 
From such a premium yarn,
Shiny buttons and hat 
That I found in the barn.

He was nearly done, almost intact
And I put happy smile, eyes and nose.
He stood in a cold in his fancy pose
With a broom and a bucket.
Then… I draw a huge happy heart, 
 And…I gave Him a hug 
In my front snowy yard.  

The temperature outside was low
– brrr! – to the extreme! So,
at midnight, icicles started to glow,
On the roof and his sweater. 
The stars were sparkling bright.
In fact, it was his favorite weather. 

I took cup of tea and went to bed. 
I was ready to sleep calm and well 
When somebody rang the bell!
It was Him, my man, my Snowman, I mean!
He stood there frozen in the shimmering night
With ice on his nose and birds on his hat; 
Somehow bigger and somehow bright.

“Can I come in?” he said and stepped
Into my cozy and warm living room room. 
”I love you!” he whispered 
Pointing his red-blinking heart
“I want you to walk with me to the moon!” 

…We were happy and funny,
And dancing and bouncing
Full of life and …IN LOVE. But soon…
What was left from Him 
Were the nose and the hat,  
Few warm little clothes, the broom,
And a small little lake in the room. I assume,
what to blame was the heater above.
See you next winter, My Love!

Miss Petrouchka Alexieva is a well-known as a feminist and a LOVE poet, distinguished
scholar and TV persona. She is a Cum Laude graduate at CSULA (2009) and “All American Scholar
Award” recipient (2008). Speaking 8+ languages, her literary and scholarly works, photo-
documentaries were highlighted in varieties of venues, on ”Daheli Live!” TV show, opening
ceremonies and numerous open mics. For her outstanding life-long achievements, Ms. Alexieva’s
name was included two times among the most distinguished Earth’s citizens list of NASA’s Mars
Exploration Rover (2003) capsule and Science Laboratory Rover (2011) list, for which she has been
awarded with honorable certificates.

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