By Amy Irani

Life is so uncertain

Only death is certain
We know yet we plan,
We gain
We strive for success
Make excess
If not, you feel useless
Not knowing when
On n on for years
It only brings tears
And more tears
To see the loved ones
Parting for their abode
Now sets in fear
Fear of your own end
End of your loved ones
How when where
Suddenly u realize
It's already there

Heaven is beautiful
They say
To me life here is wonderful
Heaven to me is unknown
Till I drop my body own
Dear. God
Keep me in your fold
Away from sickness n stress
Together with mine
In our nest

Life together for years 56

Mothered two by twenty-five
We four n now no more
Happily, on his BSA
Whatever we may say
Life was happy n gay.
Weathering multiple ups n downs
Highs n lows
Went with the flow
Seeing our girls grow
Seeing them do
well in school
Made happy daddy cool
With the snap of our fingers
Realized they double graduated too
Life went on
In a blink
Their path they took on.
For greener pastures
Seven seas beyond
With their life partners
Arun n Jey
Ever so happy to mention
Gifted us life’s extension
Adwai Yashna.
Nia n Meher.
How time flew
We never knew
Our living license
Needed to be renewed
Years went by
From twenty-five
to seventy-five
My love of my life
At three plus eighty
Left me in this world
With tears in bed curled up
With memories n more memories
Of last fifty-six
Once again
Life to fix
What where when how
With without
Know not what!!!

Yes, Poles Apart!

Yes, Poles apart
From the start
But in each other’s heart
Each one played the part
To mention a few
Most of u knew
Simple n quiet
While I cud be a “riot”
Far far from “quiet”.

Very Contented
For more
Never attempted
No qualms
Always cool n calm
Not believing
In the lines
Of his palm.

        On one on one
        Hearts he won

Preferred not many
Spending money?
“No honey”
In youth, good food
Sure, had a sweet tooth
To the core. humble
His speech I would say
He mumbled.
Soft spoken
Often caught napping
Had to be woken
Smile so captivating
To see that once again
Till we meet again

6 thoughts on “Life is so uncertain and Other Poems

  1. Just read your poems Amy…..describing a beautiful partnership and all the joys family life brings.. you have bared your heart while sorting out your emotions.
    I guess it is a gift and catharsis in this phase of life …to express one’s thoughts into poetry.
    Congratulations and keep ✍️ writing.


  2. Just read your poems Amy……you have bared your heart and put your emotions into beautiful expressions.
    It is true family is such a treasure of which we have been abundantly blessed.
    Writing is a catharsis and one has to have the words too….uou certainly have
    Congratulations and keep writing


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  4. In brief
    You have summed up the essence of love and life and family and expansion in this beautiful poem..
    Best wishes for more expressions ❤️


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