By Frances Leitch

Morning Light

It flows across the sky and dances on pine needles and coats meadows in light and brings a smile to flowers budding in their time of morning light. And with it comes the gift of birth, and sunshine mirth.

Morning Sunlight

In the chilly morn
When sun rises up
to the songbirds height  
Upon the branch
of passing night
A soft note
Cast the chill away
chirp, chirp, chirping
birth to a light, full day  
Song of the sun’s ray
Lacing tree limb 
in sparkling light
Bathing the hillsides
flowered meadows
and wooded glen
All bright 


The dawn peaks over
the green threaded hills
Opening its eyes
of amber bright
Lights the pearly clouds
over the blue field sewn
Weaves a golden canopy
in the heart of all known
Revel at the mountains
clothed in leafy attire
From which behind
the dawn is seen
Casting a warm glow
on earth longing

Morning New

In the flowing sun’s rays   
announcing the birth of day
In the flower’s smile				
at the light all bright
In the bird chirp
and flitter flutter 
In the trees that bear 
pine cone scatter
In the blue blue sky
white fluffy clouds 
perched on high
In Delight – Delight
Earth born anew
In morning sun light 


So rose
Blossoming bright
Crowns the garden
Rises over the earth
filled with the power
of birth
Rose, rose
Rose a sudden
Blooming ray
Sunshine on a rosy               
spring day

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