By c.t. zaremba

It was a quiet chilly October night.

The moon hid its face, there was no light.

A black cat crossed my path and hissed.

Then I saw young lovers steal a kiss.

I saw a pumpkin smile, a witch fly by,

Mothers holding babies so not to cry.

Monsters, goblins, ladies fair.

I stopped myself, I did not stare.

No curses, no spells no magic for me.

I watched from afar,

from the back of a tree.

They bobbed for apples in a pail.

They ate gobs of candy before it got stale.

People opened their doors and gave out sweet treats.

There were masked people on sidewalks, and some in the streets.

Halloween they call it, so trick or treat.

Now give me something good to eat!

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